The idea for this site came about because my wife was complaining about the constant private messages she was getting on LinkedIn from creepy men wanting to use the site as if it were a dating site and not a site for professionals to connect.

Edit: The running of the site has now been taken over by my wife and she has helped to breathe some new life into it.

Not the first time

In the past I have blogged about particular individuals (like David Stewart) who thinks it is OK to creep on women and other people have since contacted me with similar stories and screen grabs.

I thought I would make a space were people could call out these idiots.

Not just for women

I imagine that some of the victims in these situations are going to be women, but I’m sure this probably happens to men and non-binary folk too. I would definitely publish something anyone shared that they felt was inappropriate – Assholery is Assholery and it needs to be called out.

Want to contribute?

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