This user has reported that they have had numerous creeps in their LinkedIn inbox. How many times does it have to be repeated? LinkedIn is a professional network, not a hookup app!

I really admire the way this CreepedIn user addressed the issue and told them not just that it was unprofessional but why. The user said they felt their reply was aggressive but I think it was assertive and to the point.

Screenshot of LinkedIn message

Some quotes from our correspondance:

To give an example, they usually say hello and great connecting with you.. totally fine and normal.. and then..they drop something like, if you’re ever around XYZ we should meet up - with zero context of how it would be professionally beneficial, considering this is LinkedIn.

I am in my mid-early 20’s and these men are in their late 40’s-50’s and I don’t feel completely comfortable “meeting up”. Not to mention, WHAT is the point of meeting up - PLEASE - if you are going to ask anyone on LinkedIn to meet up, have some sort of purpose, like - I think it would be really beneficial to grab coffee and discuss how my company can benefit yours and (give a concrete example).

I’d like to call out that I’m not singling out older men, though my experiences have only been with older men. I know there plenty great older men out there!

I have to agree with our user here, for me the unsolicited messages have been mainly from older men but I also know some great ones!

Transcribed text


Outstanding connecting with you! No come on! You are a very pretty lady with very pretty blue eyesn(sic)

CreepedIn User:

This message is extremely unprofessional. I will be removing our connection. LinkedIn is a professional platform. Additionally, the fact that you are older than my father is quite disturbing that you would say such a thing to a young woman you do not know.

You should know that this is not a complement but extremely creepy and again, unprofessional. I do not know you nor do I ever want to know you.

I’m not sure of you ever been confronted about this type of behavior but NO woman/person would ever be flattered by this message.

I hope you take a moment to reflect on how this type of message comes off and think about what is appropriate and what is NOT appropriate moving forward.


Sorry that I cross a line and did not mean to come ofc(sic) that way. You letting me know I am thankful very much.