This creep thought that the person he sent this message to reminded him of his classmate, despite a 30+ year age difference. The user has asked for his face and name to be removed.

The message that this creep sent makes it apparent that he knew what he was doing wasn’t professional at all.

Screenshot of LinkedIn message

Transcribed text:

Hi thanks for writing am happy you have interest in my field of profession, you should look into it if you have the time, sorry i didnt tell you, i already saw that we are not in the same line of profession when i connected with you, i have a personal interest though outside profession and business..

i came across your profile while i was looking for an old classmate here on linkedin she has the same first name with you.. you have a lovely smile that attracted my attention.. so i would like to get to know you more, if you are not engaged in a relationship.. am single..