Lauren Kozak recently contacted the site with another submission (find them on Twitter (@laurenkozak)). The response that they gave to this creep was excellent and sums up in a very eloquent way what I wish I could say to every creep that I encounter. I personally want to thank Lauren for calling this creep out and helping us to continue to raise awareness of abuse of LinkedIn.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Conversation Screenshot of LinkedIn Conversation Screenshot of LinkedIn Conversation

What particularly annoys me about this submission is he is fully aware that he is doing something wrong (“I know this is a professional platform”) and for some reason assumes that Lauren would care that he is a “single man”. I hope that he has taken the response that Lauren has given to heart and has taken some time to think about his behaviour and how it is completely inappropriate.

Lauren kindly gave us permission to share their full name and Twitter handle.

Transcribed text

Message received by Lauren from Mikey:

My name is Mike [name withdrawn] I came across your profile here on linkedin and your profile sparked a great interest to me. I know this is a professional platform but couldnt help but say Hi as a single man. I would love to know you more if you are open to a friendship.. You can write me on my email [email withdrawn] and I will be happy to send more photos of myself to you.

Lauren’s response:

Let’s say you had contacted me in a professional capacity, as is appropriate on LinkedIn. If I worked in finance, I would question your judgment because OkCupid is much cheaper than LinkedIn Premium. If I worked in HR, I would see that you have no respect for female coworkers, their careers or achievements. If I worked in legal, I would see that you are a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. If I worked in journalism, I would wonder how you missed this cultural moment where women are breaking silence, including workplace misogyny, and wonder how you could be so tone deaf or unaware you thought this message was at all a good idea. Unfortunately for you, I work in social media, so I will be publically shaming you all over the internet for hitting on me on LinkedIn.